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The furniture’s are one of the most important parts of your home which adds beauty of your home. There are various types of furniture’s available which includes the indoor furniture’s and the outdoor furniture’s. The indoor furniture’s helps to enhance the interiors of your home and the outdoor furniture’s enhances the yard of your home. This is one of the growing trends in the world of today as people cares a lot about their home designing. It is very important for you to care the outdoors of your home as it is also one of the major parts which make your home look beautiful. You have to find the proper outdoor furniture’s which enhances the beauty and makes your home perfect.

Outdoor furniture’s is the best decor for your yard

There are various styles of outdoors furniture’s available in the market. You can find variety of options and designs available from which you can select the best furniture that suits your home. If you have a large yard in your home then you can be either used as the entertainment area or used for a coffee chat area. It is one of the best options for you to set your yard with the best outdoor furniture which can accommodate more people. There are various types of furniture’s available for your outdoors which includes the patio, porsh furniture’s etc.

Outdoor furniture’s in an affordable price

You can do the best design of your outdoors with the help of outdoor furniture’s that will help you to enjoy the beauty of the nature sitting in your own yard or the garden. This is also called as the open furniture’s as it is placed in the open area.  There are various online sellers available who sells the quality product. You can also find the best outdoor furniture sale online where you can buy the outdoor furniture for an affordable cost. It is very important to buy the furniture which has high durability and the versatility. So you have to buy from a good online shop where you can get the quality product. The outdoor furniture’s are one of the best option for you to decor your outdoor in an efficient way. Pick the best product that suits your home well and which enhances your outdoors. This is one of the best ways for you to spend your time in the garden or the yard in your home with your family.




Importance of graphic design in your business website


In modern days, graphic design reaches its popularity and reputation in business industries. Advertising plays the most important role for the success of every company. There is no use for constructing immense buildings and appointing several workers because web presence is the most important tool to reach your business in all over the world. If you don’t have sufficient talents to create idle graphic design in your trade site then you can look for online guidance. Professional graphic design Auckland services are under practice for the satisfaction of consumers in high range. In this case, you have to make a proper research in it to find the right one. Once you discover the perfect one then you can achieve more profits in your business. Experience professionals will help you to achieve your targeted visitors in short time.

Effective tips for web design work

A professional graphic design will give confidence to all visitors to trust your business at any case. Without any uncertainty, they will make use of your website to meet their needs. If the design of your site is created poorly then they will leave the site without investigating the content. Make use of online useful tips to create your website more functional and attractive one. If your site makes more long time to load a single page then it will create frustration for visitors so that they will simply leave the website at any case. In this situation, you have to obtain the support from graphic design Auckland so that they will resolve the site issues in efficient manner. If your company site is unique and idle then you can stand out from huge competition.

Attain extensive profits without any hassle

Make your business site more unique with user friendly interface than it will stand out from all other business competitors. First impression is the best impression is the most popular proverb which suits for every business reputation. If the visitor attracts by your site at first vision then he will make frequent communication with you at any instance. Then it will enlarge your business to peak level so that you can achieve the profits as per your expectations. Due to the growth of technology, several unique software and techniques are come into existence for graphic design work so that it will enhance site web presence in all over the world. Shape your business site with attractive styles and images with the help of graphic design services to accomplish more profits.



Hire a virtual assistant for making your work easy


In the world of today there are number of businesses in the market which includes the large cooperates, companies and also small scale companies. There are lots of responsibilities for a company to take care; sometimes there will be lack of employees for managing the responsibility. A virtual assistant is an independent contract worker who can help you to manage your business works which include various services. These are the work done by the secretary or the manager of the company. The virtual office assistant takes the responsibilities and work from the home.

Experienced virtual assistants may have various expertises in the translation and preparation of the written works or the online materials. Specialized internet research, industry knowledge in technology, research on market, law health care financial services, maintenance and development of the websites. A virtual assistant should be efficient in handling various activities of your company and do the best for your company.

Virtual assistant can help you

There are various things that a virtual assistant can help you with, they will help you to upload blogs or emails newsletter for the marketing of your company. A virtual office assistant help by responding to mails and set up emails lists. Transcribing the voice memos, conference calls will be handled by the virtual office assistants and can also help you to run the calendar. Your travelling planning does will be scheduled and can also help you with all the research works. The organizing of data into spreadsheets which are done by the virtual office assistants and also even if you are out of the office or unavailable the virtual office assistants handle the phone calls. They can help you by doing the repetitive tasks and help you to hire other employees for doing the work by the writing and distribution of the standard business communication of your company. Preparing of the presentations for the various purpose of the company, managing your social media, coordinate with various vendors, place orders for new supplies are the other works done by the virtual office assistants. Scheduling your appointments, organizing your desk and helping you to run your business much smoother are the other benefits.

Hiring a virtual office assistant is a better idea for saving your time because you don’t have to hire an employee and train them. You do not have to pay for the benefits, equipments or any other supplies for the virtual office assistant and can save your costs.

Get a comfortable life by the treatments of physiotherapists


Many times a person is suffering from the various health problems related to the bone and muscles. It is quite common to both men and women when they are involving in heavy works or sport events. Other than these reasons, sport events are also one of the main reasons for the physical pains and injuries. For such kinds of patients, the physiotherapists are providing a right treatment option to get rid of the severe pain. When the humans are experiencing anyone of the physical problems in the bones or muscles, it is not fair to consult a general health doctors. They are recommended to consult the physios who are specialized in providing high standard treatments only related to the different physical conditions. The patients are getting physical issues due to the improper functioning of their body and reduction in flexibility of the muscles or their bones. These problems are effectively found by a physio mt eden, Auckland.

The physiotherapists are taking care of the patients better in controlling various physical pains and make it functions normal. If they are having severe pain in their back, lower back, neck, knee, or any bones, they must quickly get an appointment of the physio in this Mount Eden city. They are specialists and experts in providing a correct treatment according to the requirements of the persons. They have been providing services for backache, headache, spinal cord problem, body pain, and stress removal treatment. These physiotherapists are not handling any medicines to treat patients with different pains and injuries. They are only taking care of the patients with the therapeutic and massage treatment.

The massage using a particular pain relieving oil will surely give a better cure from the chronicle pain faced by them. At the same time, whole body massage will provide a complete relief from the various pains and also stress. Everyone will see a noticeable result and excellent visible effect in their body by taking a treatment from the physio mt eden, AL, New Zealand. The physiotherapists Mount Eden are really very talented doctors who can effectively deal with the aches, injuries, fractures, and pains in the human body of any age. They will thoroughly check a whole body of the patients and suggest a suitable remedial or massage treatment. Getting a right physiology treatment from these qualified physios will make patients less sick and relieve pain within few days time.

Benefits from professional plumbing services on time


Dedicated plumber East Auckland improve their expertise and increase the overall quality of plumbing services on a regular basis. They give the best support to their customers on time. They know how people suffer as a result of poor plumbing system in their home or place of work.  They provide an immediate support to give confidence to people who need to fix the plumbing problem as quickly as possible.  More than a few plumbing services are available now at the most completive prices. The main plumbing services are repairing any sort of leakage, pipelines installation, and installation of home appliances such as home dishwasher.  If you have any kind of plumbing problem at any time, make contact with qualified plumbers in Auckland soon. You will get the most expected support to keep your plumbing system to work correctly.

The most advanced designs and other impressive features of the latest plumbing equipment support plumbers to provide the best in class services on time. The most successful company in this industry only has these plumbing equipments to provide the professional plumbing services to customers.  Once you have hired a team of specialists in plumbing services, you can get the permanent solutions to plumbing problems. Well experienced plumbers identify the main root of the problems and possibilities of upcoming plumbing problems. As a result, they provide the best suitable solutions to these problems to ensure that their customers get the best worth to their money. A wide range of affordable yet professional plumbing services is available in Auckland. Residents and businessmen in and around Auckland use these services as soon as they get any kind of plumbing problem. They do not wish to get a slow solution to the plumbing problem because they have to get the usual lifestyle.  They can confidently contact committed and experienced plumbers in a trustworthy company to solve all plumbing problems without delay.

Emergency services from specialized plumbers Auckland are very helpful to people who require an immediate plumbing service to avoid problems further.  These services are available at all times to support owners of residential and commercial buildings immediately.  Many residents in recent times use these plumbing services properly to avoid major losses as a result of water leakages and overflowing continuously.  Professional plumbers provide detailed diagnostic reports. If you hire these plumbers, you can fix your plumbing problem and throw out possibilities of plumbing Henderson problems without difficulty.

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The skin care management in the routine life is very important to be happy and healthy. Individuals who suffer from the most serious nature of the skin cancer have failed to contact a skin care specialist on a regular basis.  If you visit the skin cancer clinic and consult with an experienced medical professional in the skin care, you can be sure about your skin health.  The most comprehensive skin care treatment from a team of specialists supports people who suffer from the skin cancer nowadays.  The early stage of the skin cancer can be treatable effectively. This is the most important reason for why people have to regularly visit the skin care clinic.

The most outstanding quality of services including the appraisal and supervision of the skin diseases, diagnosis and management of the skin cancer, skin surgery and skin laser to treat skin growths of cancerous and non-cancerous types, skin and mole checks, and cosmetic dermatology provide lots of benefits to people who have chosen the most successful skin cancer clinic. Individuals with a desire to enjoy healthy living all through their lifetime have a need to choose a skin cancer checkup on a regular basis. They have to ensure that any noticeable change in the skin does not harm them today and also in the future.  As compared to choosing an unidentified skin care clinic, this is advisable to get an appointment from the most successful skin care clinic.

People who prefer mole checks regularly can get satisfied with decreased possibilities of the skin cancer. Well experienced professionals in the skin cancer treatments nowadays provide the most outstanding support to patients who need to check their skin. They are specialists in both surgical and medical treatments for skin cancer. This is a leading cause behind the notable success of the skin cancer clinic. Qualified skin care professionals use the latest resources and technologies to perform the whole skin checks to ensure the level of possibilities of melanoma and other types of skin cancer.  They are professionals to use medical resources and their expertise to identify the overall possibilities of patients’ moles to become melanoma.  Some people have the ever increasing possibilities of the skin cancer. The total body photography is the best service to them to get photo prints of the highest resolution to check for any noticeable change in the future.  As a result, residents who have chosen this clinic can get endless benefits.


Auckland English Courses  


There are range of English language courses in Auckland which would help you become fluent English speaker. Courses are not only design for speaking, but also to help you in writing and listening. Apart from speaking, ability to listen and understand English language is very important for candidates’ especially non-native English speakers. Courses are designed for easy learning and understanding. So, even if you are not a native English speaker you don’t need to be frightened. We would help you master every aspects of English as you learn. Before we list or discuss the courses, it is important to let you know the benefits of enrolling in Auckland English language courses.

Why must or should you take Auckland English language courses?

This is a question that should first come to your mind when you hear Auckland English courses. In many part of the world English language is the official language. English language has variants. For example, if you are very familiar with spellings you would recognize that some of the words in this article are spelled in American English language format. So, for non-American speaker, the spellings might appear as incorrect. Because of this, there would be need to learn certain variant of English language.

In Auckland, one of the best thing a person can do in order to become more employable and a better speaker or communicator is to enroll in professional Auckland English language courses.

In addition to English language, there are three national languages in New Zealand. The other two languages are: Te Reo Maori and New Zealand Sign language.

According to statistics, English language is spoken by nearly 90 per cent of the entire population. So knowing how to write, listen and speak English language would make it easier to find your choice work in various industries across New Zealand. Again, knowing English language will also help you to perform well in whatever role you choose.

What are the English language courses offered in Auckland?

Introductory course. Auckland offers introduction to English language, and it covers every essential areas of English language such as communication skills of writing, reading and speaking. Students who enroll in our introductory course are free to select the desired length of their course.

Advance course. There are advance courses for people who wish to go professional in Auckland English language. In the advanced courses, candidates are usually taught in a small group, and they will undergo intensive program up to six week.

Also, there are courses for people taking holiday in Auckland. Holiday courses help you to prepare for work offer and at the end of the program you would be to grab any work offers.

So what else do you wish to know about English language courses in Auckland? Nothing!

All the English language courses in Auckland are thought in our center by professional English instructors. We would help you learn everything from beginning till you become a professional English language user both in writing and in communication.

The best ways to improve the profits of your online business


Nowadays most of the people were doing their business through the internet and they are searching for the best ways to improve their profits. The person interested to get more income on their online business must use the proper ways to get more visitors to their site. Te details displayed on the site of the search engine optimization service provider would be helpful for the website owners. The SEO services offered by the professionals will be helpful for the web page owners to gain some knowledge about the best ways to increase their profits. One should go through the details displayed on the site of the optimization professional. The pages providing details about the optimization service providers would be helpful for the website owners to hire an expert.

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The website owners should find the best practices to improve the performance of their website. It will be helpful for them to get more income in their free time using their website or a blog. Most of the SEO services companies were providing details about their services and its usefulness on their site. The details displayed on the internet about the optimization service providers would be helpful for the people. One can get some details about the easiest ways to optimize their site by accessing the web page of the optimization professional.  Most of the experienced professionals were offering their clients with some discounts and other offers for optimizing the site. It is a must for the website owners to hire experts for optimizing their site without any issues. The experts will assist the clients to get more profits on their online business without any difficulties.

There are many online service providers available on the internet providing details about the benefits of optimizing a website. It would be helpful for the people to make their web page popular among the internet users. It is one of the easiest ways to get more profits on your web page without any issues. The advices offered by the SEO services company will be helpful for the website owners to improve their profits. One should find the right company on the internet to optimize their website at a fair price. The clients should go through the details displayed on the site of the optimizer before hiring them. It will be helpful for them to get an idea about the reputation of the service provider.

Mother country

5,000 years of vicissitudes, casting an immortal civilization. Blood transmission from generation togeneration, each Chinese descendant in the bone marking China‘s stamp on it.


Surging Yellow River, rolling in the Yangtze River, and nurtured a generation of Chinese people. On top ofthis ancient and magical land, the Chinese have with their work and wisdom to write the legend. From nuwa fill days, and Kua Fu of myth legend began, Chinese will boarded has history of stage; shortly thereafter, three emperors set LUN, and denebola rule world, China ancestors with with himself of wisdom and labor farewell has primitive, into has initially of human civilization era; in zhihou, 24 towards wind and rain, is different history since ming, China had once became world of Center, world of eye has has been gathered in China this article Dragon body.


Around the rivers and dazzling beautiful sceneries beauty, scenery of the motherland is infinitely good. Themountains, seas Lakes, vast prairies, taotao woodlands, desert, miles Plains, toiled on, everywhere is thecharming scenery, wander, dream, such as drunk, lamented nature‘s magical, happy country of mountains and rivers and magnificent. This is the land of China, this is the place where we lived for generations, theplaces we loved.


China is always the hearts of every Chinese people bond. Throughout history, numerous people with lofty ideals to take action and interpret the meaning of patriotism. Huo says: the Huns were destroyed, why?“So, he will himself of life dedicated to has defending of career; Su Wu North Sea Shepherd more than 20 over contains, not modified was born as, moments remember himself is Han subjects; Yue Fei loyalty to, man gold thief, regained landless; Wen Tianxiang singing” life since ancient times who no died, left take loyalty according to history “die a hero; Zheng Chenggong regained Taiwan, insurance I land full; Lin Zexu” Humen pin smoke “,” eyes see World “; Guan Tianpei fought, for country shed last a drops blood; Sun Yat-Sen, Revolution Party people for China fate and tireless struggle And whole nation United great war, and so on These Chinese children are excellent for the efforts made by the State, we should not forgetthem, and they will be remembered by posterity. And they do all this, just because they are children of Yan,both of them have a Chinese heart.


The wheel of history marching forward, pace of new leaps forward. In China, this ancient land has to beconform to the historical trend, continue to go down, to create new glory, go show the world the Chinesestyle!


Finally, I would like to say that, I love you! Do you know why often with tears in my eyes? This is justbecause I am too deep in love with you.

Winter and snow

Quiet winter day. When turning without wind howling and hanging red, staring at the clear blue sky ismuch higher than normal, may be waiting for something, sat silently. Suddenly, a quietly falling, followed bysecond, third, and then a flutter in the sky. Little heart a fluctuation, locking forehead reveals a modicum ofsurprise and loss. Look, it’s snowing. The mother said. On that day, is still unable to speak, you and I firstmet. That moment, snow, let me warmly.


Snow is the spirit of winter, is hard to find images, is the Messenger of God shines the most crystal clearpure. Occasionally looked up at a glance, when clear clear eyes met in jade butterfly, will be gently shaken.Spring snow doesn’t like oil, luxury, brings vitality to Earth, snow no billows of Charest, majestic, and givepeople the fear of cold and snow doesn’t like the cold breath of autumn, so desolate, to all thoughts andwipe on little solitude. Snow, is to forget the color of snow, no loud proudly announced that, withouturgent warmly look forward to, no showers hit, there is no lightning in foiljust quiet and draw beautifultrails circling arc, lightly covered with plastic on the ground, layer after layer. Snow, let me warmly.


Is also trivially; walking is also silent. The snow like a friend, but not too close or too alienated. In you success Shi, he does not held banquet wantonly to celebrates, he only will to you voted to praised of eye; in you frustrated Shi, he does not accompany you to full beauty of outside trip, he only will light took took you of shoulder show comfort; in you sick Shi, he does not sent to soon on will fade rot of flowers and fruit basket, he only will sent to wish early rehabilitation of cards. Is such a common friend, you will never forgethim, that does not have too much hope. Therefore, his arrival without undue excitement, nor excessivesadness at his departure. Snow, let me warmly.


Snow world is a dream. When looking ahead, rolling in the snow without a destination, with their whitebody covered the downtown glitz, world shrouded in silence, no one bear to break the silence, leaving behind only visitors small town raving. Could see the snow comfortably lying flat on the ground, in grassplayfully rolled, gracefully perched in the branches lying. One day, one day, a jade tree. Pine, Cypress, plummelody. The Lake Causeway, a cloud of cold. A wall, a canopy, a dream of white. Snow, let me warmly.


I wish I had this kind of snow, it cleans our hearts let it return to innocence, it makes innocent life colorful,jog it off stubborn dust in the heart, it makes everyone‘s thoughts returned to the original. It is the one truesnow clean up filthy, Rehan, forever in their hearts to shine and sparkle of the shining life, and purity.


Snow, let me warmly.


My Lord, since starting up with the day alarm, I rub the sleep out of their eyes, and sat on the bed also realize that today is the national day. However, the scenery outside the window, a lot of important dayswere spent unconsciously, don’t know if this is also the same? Today the 65 anniversary of the founding ofnew China, today‘s happy life is paid for in blood of the martyrs, in honor of this great holiday, a lot ofpeople don’t want to spend holiday travel peak coming. But when classmates invited me to play, I don’t go.Grandma was ill a few days ago, was basically to get out of bed unaided words. Grandmother who has livedthrough two world wars, often tells me stories of that era. So I am very grateful to the brave soldier of hard work, if my grandmother had died, I would not have found in this world.


When I wash the dishes, MOM called me in the past, said: John-British, Grandma maybe didn’timmediately, she loved you. You have more time to talk with her, the dishes I‘ll do.


I walked next to her grandmother, she wasted a lot, but still come on, talk is not confused. To see me, andsaid, John-British national day at home, not playing with my classmates?


I’m not going there, that‘s not how I want to celebrate, I likes to hear my grandmother tell the story.


All right. You go to buy something for me, I tell you.


To buy things, what?




Salt is not there, please, why buy it?


You know, don’t buy this.


Now that Grandma wants to, I‘ll go. I live in the neighborhood and secure salt could only be bought at thesupermarket, and East Lake Road is the only way. There are a lot of people on this road stalls, sell a variety,of which a vendor sells leading a poor youyanjiangcu tea, his salt is cheaper than the supermarket, walkinga few steps less. He looked at me as if to buy, said to me: dude, this year we ran a small business cannotstart boiling. You are just as good for me, this salt is absolutely no problem. I ignored him, move on. Whenan old lady came up to me and said, son, my granddaughter was extremely ill and forced to beg in thestreet. You will be so kind, please help us out. I hesitated for a moment, or to walk. A little girl soon, said tome: brother, I can’t afford to go by car, can you give a few bucks fee? This time I almost took out hismoney, but continue to go.


Finally went to the supermarket and bought salt after walking home. Along the way, just little girls, oldwomen, the traders are gone, but this time to a new girl, old woman, traders in the same fraudulent meansin front of me. Back home, I told my grandmother about this: that‘s Chinese revolutionary martyrs arereplaced by new China?


She said: the era of struggle is not yet over, is the struggle between good and evil in the past, there is astruggle between good and evil.


This year, my day was like this.


Time is like an eraser, to wipe a little bit of memory in my head. However, the dreams of my childhoodfantasy time is like being an engraving knife to carve deeply into the mind, indelible.


Memory sluice gate slowly opened, passing a floating in my mind all over again.


Eve is the most beautiful scenery, the sky seems to be covered with a veil of mystery, stars blinking FlashFlash eyes naturally embedded in the top. Moon supplied willingly journeyed no delight and read, thenslipped out of the House looking for playmates. Bounce walking down a country lane, Moonlight on theroad on both sides of the weeping willows, shadow, mottled, reflected on the road, like algae in the water,Xing Wang, shadow covers weeping willow. I threw back his head, and began to count the stars in the sky,one, two, three, eh? Three is to what?


After a while, I came to the games with the junior partner base, here is a happy place, surrounded byempty, desolate No. Wildflowers far and wide fragrance, long grass has no knees. This excellent naturalconditions, of course, is well suited to play hide and seek. A small partner blinded, treated us a little later,he started up around. I crouched in the grass, listening to the sound of approaching footsteps, like carryinga live rabbit, pound jumps all the time. Climatology my breath, head down low, low. Suddenly a gust of wind roar, leaves rustling, sounds like there‘s something rustling in the grass. Large shed of sweat ran downmy forehead, is a snake? Think about it, I can’t help myself Ah sound. Results it is regretted that, nothingat all, thinking not only scaring themselves and exposed his


Memory Gates slowly closed, but those images seem fixed in the mind.


You can’t always live in memories, but can be appropriate in nostalgia. Just as I entered junior high, neverto play hide and seek, quietly in the passage of time, something has changed in a subtle way. Today, I sat inthe classroom, through the Windows, and saw only darkness. Impression of mystery have long been a great source of fear instead. Afraid of the dark, they dare not walk alone at night, let alone to enjoy theMoonlight than the childhood?


Not just because of the heavy school work I don’t have time to enjoy the Moonlight, because nowappreciate, then nothing can bring back the old feeling. That peculiar innocence, innocence can only bemanifested in childhood.


Childhood good times will always remain in my heart, and so beautiful, glamorous night let me fascinated.Very interesting game of hide and seek, I would also like to play a few times. The most important thing is toalways keep a pure heart, and only then you will even enjoy all good.

Air control

But the ability to control air can do? Mao Zedong puzzling, her eyes stared straight at the palms together,balloon. Suits and feels like a shell, feeling that the rally of the air force of the ball should be able to playwell. Mao Zedong did, air-ball palm facing opposite the bed threw the targeting of a glass on the table.Balloon like the projectile impact directly on the glass, but the glass is only slightly and shake gently, will not even fallen.


This is the air power of the ball? That gives the tickling? Air should not be used to throw the ball to man.Suits and some can’t believe shakes his head. Then continue from the surrounding air condensed air balls,continues to observe the palms together in air balls. Suits can understand people with such abilities isdefinitely not ordinary people, or you are one of those people, if they can figure out what‘s going on,control of air gases, he is the first person in the world.


Or as a character in a game, ability to upgrade? Ze suddenly flashed into my mind a thought, feeling thisvery plausible, immediately focused eyes aim had not been knocked out of the glass, continue to throw inthe past. Air ball with same as shells thud the glass, and this time the glass directly to the ground, and makea glass breaking sound.


Yes, I have to take regular exercise to strengthen my ability to control air. Ze huanran DAWU, puzzledexpression on his face is instantly relieve a lot.


This should be more than just the air condense into a sphere, and how should the will be condensed into a new form control? Ze new embodiment of a sphere, then stared at the air ball said. Air ball seems tounderstand Mao Zedong‘s words immediately, along with Mao Zedong‘s thought into a varied air model.Ze burst into a consternation about his ability. He was wondering if I could translate all the things, and thenused to say was not invincible? Mao Zedong thought air ball in the side of the Palm, turned into a dagger,and holding a dagger deep for a while, gave his finger cut off, but suits and was especially disappointedthat the suits were because the knife straight through the air fingers, did not cut the surface of skin.


Hey, could only be normal air? Ze sighed. Suits don’t believe air only the ability, but he has not yet foundthe usefulness of air. Mao Zedong thought for a moment, feeling now sleepy eyelids, tomorrow morning atresearch. Suits down the decision, lay down your body wake up sleep, suits and had a night’s sleep has never been so comfortable, that‘s probably who lives in the most comfortable sleep. While someone is nextto Mao Zedong, will make a big jump since Mao Zedong‘s body suddenly went off in his moment offloating in the air, and calm was restored.

New virus

The doctor! Dr! Dr! Now there is a new virus-‘ cell phone addiction virus, the symptoms of the diseasewere: whole day carrying a mobile phone down, never quitting, once you leave cell phones, patients willfeel restless, tea does not think, who do not want to. M-aide said.


Worse, 21st century human suffering on Earth against this virus! Dr s planet x replied anxiously, staring at the big screen.


Here s planet dialogue


Return to Earth


On the block: people carrying mobile phones look, every now and then turn the camera on, click, clicksmay be brushed micro-blog, to let their fans bask in their Outlook.


Table: young people holding a cell phone in hand, thumbing down who in the QQ online, brush yourmicro-blog to see dynamic, chopsticks in his hand not holding food.


School: students fiddling with his head phones, dynamically read, Tweets you‘ve done all, QQ online andfound this funny novel look, and then open the music player, plug in a headset and put a new song,reveling in the


They do not know, he has been phone addiction the virus, and they enjoy it, have become junkies, alas,poor


Suddenly, all handsets at the same time a black screen, how to open it.


When people become anxious, nor, nor lay even less so. Their mind was thinking about anybody commentthat they say have people they like, someone forwarded


S on the planet


Doctor, what about their current condition? Asked m.


Is very serious, and if this continues, it will destroy the Earth on the order of, no way! Way to find a solutionas soon as possible. Dr x CU said with a frown.


She lapsed into silence


Suddenly, excited by Dr x said: Ah!We can give them another thought entered, let them know that phoneis not so important, mobile phone is no more than a communication tool, it can’t take the place of all!With that, they entered the directive, sent to Earth.


Back on Earth again


On the block: the upright walking, occasionally smiled and said hello to strangers, nodded to them,everywhere a happy smile.


On the table: the elders food from time to time for young people, and young people also speak a littlejokes from time to time the whole table laughed, everywhere is filled with laughter.


School: students sit up zhiyao, careful listening, occasionally bowed notes furiously, supporting his headwith a hand from time to time thinking about teacher‘s title, everywhere are filled with a positive learningatmosphere.


S on the planet


The effect is very notable, get rid of mobile phone addiction virus, life on Earth will be even moreprosperous! With that, Dr x took out his mobile phone out of the Pocket, shut off the music

Rainy day

A cold, rainy day, water is slowly falling as the stinging rain. Drifting with the wind a little bit in the directionof lift. Paint on the walls as you show civilization‘s epic, Yu Ying appears to be hiding something magicalbeauty of the sunset passed. Months pale stars silent, hazy sky into pieces covered in green. I indulge in thespring rain, choking the flowers Jo flaps seem to have found a home, they are rooted in the ground, learnabout hope, learn about spring powered. Although such a rainy day has a lot, but I believe every rainy dayfor; see the mountains green, storied foreshadows dye.


With the passage of time, it was raining harder and harder. Rain which falls in the thin little tinkle on theBlue House, such as Yuji beats in the plate, struck the tiles sound sharp and brittle like piano treble, plays inthe wooden city Lou drops sound smooth and silky but carved cornice rain on the contrary a long thick andrustic. Then the rain and dense, issued sputter and dropped to the ground, as if waving machetes run totens of thousands of cavalry. People always said that it is annoying, but I don’t think they understand thetrue meaning of the rain, rain clouds Thunder sound when people tend to give a potential passed out ofpanic, sadness, but why do you think that he is not a cry to you, telling you everything nd it come about.Near noon the rain stopped falling.


I walked slowly out of the Hou family holding an oiled paper umbrella, walked toward the green grass ismore green. Outside everything is fresh, green grass slipped a few drops of dew on the grass, I guess Oh-Angelina Jolie even leaves are sweet in the morning landed on my tongue I tried. Breeze in my face, hebrought a forest of life. Somehow smells like jasmine, Lily, mountain springs, fresh. Moving light smell upmy white sheath gown is not far from a towering willow pattern tree for thousands of years. Its leaves rangefrom cross-interleaved, as if fate rings in the outer extension of hinting at the erosion of time.


Received up umbrella, relies on in tree back, touch with old of bark, memories up childhood mountain outside that carefree of days on seems Russian Lermontov by wrote of poems as; I love took with carriage towards village between of path, with slow of eye through that vast of night, missed with himself childhood of home, meet with to road next village in the that points points trembling of lights. I love a wildfire of lightsmoke, Prairie night Brigade vehicle horse, pale yellow fields of small hills, that two gleaming Birch. Think about this without a sigh, the distance to continue admiring the mountains and rivers in spring after therain.


Rain has stopped completely, dark clouds have been quietly dispersed. I do not know what time the Sunfrom the sky here, sunlight on these delicate flowers. Drops against the light, facing the Sun and flowersgrow. Trance, dew flower resembles a reflects the great princes of the world works. A flower and one world,a blade of a bodhi tree. Don’t do it is this way of understanding, wave to catch the drops of water fallingfrom the trees carefully observe nature‘s continued operation, ready for the next coming of a spring rain.